StartMikrowelleWie behebt man den SE-Fehlercode auf der Samsung-Mikrowelle?

    Wie behebt man den SE-Fehlercode auf der Samsung-Mikrowelle?

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    Es besteht kein Zweifel, dass Mikrowellen einer der größten Annehmlichkeiten in Ihrer Küche sind. Dennoch sind sie nicht perfekt und können von Zeit zu Zeit versagen.

    The good thing is that modern microwaves are created to display error codes in case if something will go wrong. This makes it much easier to troubleshoot when you come across operation errors.

    When the SE error code appears on a Samsung Microwave it indicates that your unit has a key that’s stuck on the control pad or ribbon cable connection is dirty or the electronic control board has failed.

    Today we will discuss the SE error code that can appear on Samsung microwaves. We’ll talk about what the code means and ways you can fix it.

    What is the Samsung Microwave SE Error Code?

    As we mentioned above, SE code show up on the display when touchpad or one of the buttons is stuck in the ON position.

    The SE code is generally associated with the microwave beeping several times, displaying the code, and not working until the door has been opened and closed again.

    The SE code issue can lead to the microwave operating on it’s own, which can allegedly result in a house fire. So, if you have this problem, leave the machine unplugged or the door open until the repair is completed.

    Always keep in mind that microwaves can be inherently dangerous to repair. They contain internal high voltage components that can hold a lethal electrical charge even after it’s unplugged.


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    For this reason, if you are inexperienced it’s best to hire a professional to diagnose and complete any repair on this type of appliance.

    However, if you are knowledgeable and would like to give it a try yourself, we’ll discuss how to make these repairs below.

    Ways To Clear the SE Error Code

    Before jumping to the conclusion that you need to either call a repair service or purchase a new microwave, try resetting the unit.

    This is done by unplugging the microwave from the wall or turning the breaker off to it for at least 60 seconds.

    If the error code was simply a fluke, the device will start back up and operate perfectly. However, if you keep getting this code, check the two parts below:

    Key(s) Stuck on the Control Pad

    Any time buttons begin to malfunction on a Samsung microwave the SE code will be displayed.

    If you find that the microwave control pad, or touchpad, doesn’t respond, but the display still lights up, then the problem is probably with the control pad.

    This component consists of a series of soft touch electrical switches. They are usually made from two layers of thin Mylar plastic with material on the inner surfaces that is conductive.

    A gap is formed between the two surfaces that separates the conductive coating until the user applies pressure, thus helping the two surfaces contact each other.

    When this contact occurs, it completes an electrical circuit that provides input signals to the touchpad.

    After regular, prolonged use the conductive coatings eventually disintegrate and are unable to make a good contact. This prevents the proper signals from reaching the control board.

    To access the control pad, you will need to first unplug your Samsung microwave, and remove the cabinet.

    The control pad is often attached to the actual control panel, and is generally connected to the electronic control board with flat ribbon style connectors.


    Before going any further, you will want to check the connection to see if it looks okay. This part can be tested with a multimeter to determine if there is continuity.

    The multimeter should read a few ohms of resistance for each control pad when it’s engaged. If you find no continuity, you’ll need to replace this part.

    Another thing to check is, to remove the ribbon cable from the control board and clean copper connections with an eraser and alcohol propylene.


    But, If everything above will not fix the problem, then you need to replace the whole touchpad.

    Here’s how to replace the control pad:

    1. Unplug the unit to prevent electrical shock
    2. Remove the exhaust hood, also known as the vent at the top – there should be two screws
    3. Slide the grill up and to the left to completely remove
    4. If you have a freestanding unit, you may have to remove the metal from around the top and sides before moving on to the next step.
    5. Remove the screw that holds the display panel in place
    6. Pull up and pivot the panel out
    7. Remove all wires attached to the control panel. Remember where each connector goes to ensure proper reinstallation
    8. Begin reassembling the wire harnesses to the new control pad and work backward to put your microwave back together.

    Failed Control Board

    The same issues may occur if the control board has failed.

    Die Steuerplatine erzeugt Niederspannungen, die anschließend an das Touchpad geliefert werden. Grundsätzlich wird beim Drücken einer Taste ein Spannungssignal an die Steuerplatine zurückgesendet.

    Wenn die Eingangssignale von der Steuerplatine vom Touchpad oder Membranschalter empfangen werden, verwendet sie die Befehle, um Ausgangsrelais einzuschalten, die bestimmte Mikrowellenkomponenten steuern.

    Zu diesen Komponenten gehören das Magnetron und der Motor für den Plattenteller.

    Wenn also die Steuerplatine nicht genügend Niederspannungssignale erzeugt oder wenn sie die Eingangssignale vom Touchpad nicht erkennt, können keine Ausgangsfunktionen ausgeführt werden.



    Überprüfen Sie am besten, ob das Touchpad und die Anschlüsse in gutem Betriebszustand sind, bevor Sie sich der Steuerplatine zuwenden.

    Wenn Sie feststellen, dass die Steuerplatine defekt ist, müssen Sie die Mikrowelle vom Stromnetz trennen, das Gehäuse und die Steuerbaugruppe entfernen und ein neues Teil installieren.

    Am Ende kann Ihnen der SE-Fehlercode viel Kopfzerbrechen bereiten. Überprüfen Sie unbedingt sowohl das Touchpad als auch die Steuerplatine, da wahrscheinlich eine dieser Komponenten defekt ist. Ist dieser Fehlercode jemals bei Ihrer Samsung-Mikrowelle aufgetreten? Wenn ja, was war Ihr Problem und was mussten Sie tun, um es zu reparieren? Kommentieren Sie unten, wir würden gerne Ihre Meinung hören!

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