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Does Washing Machine Drain Hose Need to Be Elevated?

Does Washing Machine Drain Hose Need to Be Elevated?

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When installing a washing machine, it’s important to understand the proper height and placement of the drain hose.

This will ensure that there’s less of a risk of potential overflow while helping to prevent flooding in your laundry room.

Yes, the drain hose needs to be elevated and it’s always best to do so at a level that’s higher than the washing machine itself. This will prevent possible siphoning. There are also other steps you can take to ensure that you get the best drainage.

What Are Washing Machine Drainage Options?

Laundry Tub

What is it: A laundry tub provides your washing machine with one of the best drainage options.


More often than not, a clog is to blame for laundry tub failure.

When this occurs, the clog is typically located in the U-trap or further down the piping.

How to fix: You have a couple of options for clearing the clog. A simple plunger may resolve the issue, as might a drain auger.

If you choose to use a plunger, it’s best to add a little bit of water in the laundry tub if there isn’t already some standing.


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This will provide the necessary suction to break loose any clogging within the drain pipe.

If a plunger isn’t successful, a handheld drain auger is likely going to be needed.

This will provide you with something solid with which to break up the clog.

If, however, you are still unable to reach the clog to break it free, you will need to remove the U-trap so as to gain access to the clog.

Looking for an easier solution? If you don’t have either a plunger or auger or you simply don’t wish to exert yourself, try pouring very hot water down the drain.

In addition, you can try pouring dish soap down the drain before using the hot water, as this may help to loosen the clog.

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What is it: A standpipe is a pipe that connects your washing machine’s drain pipe to your home’s waste stack.


By choosing to use a standpipe instead of connecting your washing machine to a drain line, you can avoid water overflow, as well as unwanted fumes from the sewer.

If it is clear that your washing machine pump is functioning properly but water isn’t draining from it, there is likely a clog in the rubber drain hose.

This hose runs from the back of your washing machine to the standpipe.

When it becomes clogged, it is usually due to fibers from your clothing. Too much clogging can cause flooding on your floor and may result in damage to your home.

How to fix: Fixing this issue is easy enough and involves removing the rubber drain hose and blowing air through it. If the airflow is minimal, there is a blockage that needs to be removed.

You may also simply replace the hose to remedy your draining problem.

If your washing machine still isn’t draining properly, your pump is likely to blame and will need to be either serviced or replaced.

Underground Pipe Connection

What is it: If you want the absolute best draining option for your washing machine, an underground pipe is the way to go.

It’s expensive and will require extensive labor to install, but your washing machine water will drain directly to your waste stack.

A clog or breakage in an underground pipe connection can result in considerable work to remedy.

If you believe there is a blockage somewhere, it’s best to start with the standpipe, as this is part of an underground pipe connection.

How to fix: Oftentimes, underground pipe connections are installed behind concrete walls, requiring a great deal of teardown and repair.

As such, you need to consider the time and expense involved if there’s an issue before investing in this drainage option.

How High Will a Washing Machine Pump Water?

The pump’s flow rate depends on the drain pipe’s height.

Your washing machine’s flow rate will lose about a gallon of water for every additional foot of drain pipe height.

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Your washing machine’s water pumping rate should be around 15 gallons a minute.

Smaller, compact washing machines are only able to pump water up around 5 feet.

Your drain pipe needs to have an inside diameter of 1 ½ inch to ensure proper draining, with an outside diameter of 1 ¼ inch.

You should also make sure that your drain pipe is at least 30 inches high to prevent potential water siphoning.

You can ensure that your drain hose is functioning optimally by installing the drain with a height of no more than 8 feet from the floor.

How to Keep Washer Drain Hose in Place?

Your washing machine’s drain hose is responsible for removing wastewater from your washing machine.

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